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B1 Belarus will help you realize your business potential, while effectively managing any risks that arise.
Legislation is changing on a daily basis, and the practice of applying the law is constantly developing as well. What was recently considered safe and legal may at some point become questionable and then be prohibited.
As laws adapt to changing economic conditions, business must promptly adjust to meet the new challenges. The demands of globalization, complicated by restrictions and sanctions, mean that businesses must adopt new contractual and corporate forms in order to grow and sometimes even to survive.
As a client-oriented firm, we always focus on your interests. We study your needs, assess the situation and develop practical solutions fine-tuned to your business.
Our key strengths are an integrated client service center, a firm grasp of the practical aspects of business, a blend of legal, tax, economic and management insights and the ability to view all sides of a business situation.
B1 Belarus consultants base their business solutions on a client’s individual needs and on how laws are applied in the given industry. We understand what is important to our clients and take a personal approach to each one.
We offer a wide range of services, including:

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    Head of Legal
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